ALL of Brennas friends came over out of the blue.
Cue me running to the bedroom and hiding in her bed.


Anonymous asked: That must be a really hard situation, I'm sorry.

It pretty shit, yeah. Im saving up to go visit. Ive always wanted to go to Canada. And for my birthday my dad is buying me a tattoo which i designed dedicated to her :)

I miss my best friend, Vi. Shes been with me through everything, supported me even when I thought i didnt deserve it. Shes so amazing, beautiful and shes my hero. She saved my life and I wouldnt be here with out her. The only issue is that she lives in canada.


Anonymous asked: Tell us about the person you miss.

They were a friend I met last year. I met them while they were in a time of need, their older sibling committed suicide. I was in a bad place with my mental health and i guess we supported eachother through our darkness. We became close. And then one day they decided they didnt want me in their life anymore, and they left. I miss them terribly.

Floodgates opened.